Visit us in Canmore today! It is one of the most studied glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, and was subject to a 10-year study by Dr. … Haig, commander of the British forces in France from 1915 to 1918, was the 1 st Earl Haig of Bemersyde and the son of a wealthy Edinburgh distiller—his early advancement a result of patronage, and marriage to Queen Victoria’s maid of honour also helped! HAIG GLACIER. The view up there is even more amazing. There are 5 glaciers around this area. Jobs: Winsport is currently looking to fill six full-time positions, including an Ice Technician and Snow Making and Trail Crew. The tour begins and ends at the Burstall Pass parking lot on the Smith-Dorrien Trail, about 38km south of Canmore, Alberta. The Haig Glacier sits between the French and Robertson Glaciers. Seven Team Telemark Nordic athletes took part in the BC Ski Team’s glacier skiing camp at the Haig Glacier in Alberta. Athletes left for Canmore on July 20th to take part in 3 days of roller skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre (the site of the Nordic events at the 1988 Olympics). Trail Cranbrook Golden Sparwood Revelstoke Kaslo Valemount Zillmer Glacier Nordic Glacier Illecillewaet Glacier Conrad Glacier Haig Glacier Kokanee Glacier Six glaciers in the study area were selected: Zillmer, Nordic, Illecillewaet, Haig, Conrad and Kokanee. Download GPX: [Trail] North Kananaskis Pass.gpx Google map: See track recorded by GPS Print: Display in printer-friendly format Related Trips: Haig Glacier Turbine Canyon Campground Haig Glacier Ski Camp Mount French Conditions: Weather Avalanche Bulletin Pink line is the actual track I took which was recorded by my GPS. A 4th of July first for me! Soon we were on the Paradise Lake approach trail before finding a route up to the east ridge of Haig, which was a bit mankier than expected. The groomed trail is about 4km in length because it runs up and down the glacier. Continue up the creek drainage. Once on the Haig Glacier, turn right and head west, skirting along a deep wind lip. I hiked 2 of them, French Glacier and Haig Glacier. After a short time in the woods, the trail emerges in a cirque under the eastern face of Mount Haig. Book a Time Slot Life on the Haig Glacier is a lot like the film The Martian – if Matt Damon’s character were also taking care of 25 athletic teenagers. Black Prince. Most days we just worked on technique, but one day we did some head-to-head sprints. Inspiro Digital Inspired Digital Media. Fly over a melting Haig glacier to see how it could change the Alberta-B.C. He was a senior officer of the British Army and spent most of World War One on the Western Front. Mount Jellicoe 3,246 m Haig Glacier. We hike into the camp which sits in a remote backcountry location 12 miles from the nearest road at 7,500 feet above tree line next to a glacier that holds snow and we can ski on. It goes on the French Glacier, then the Haig and then the Robertson Glacier. Head up the left side of slope towards the couloir/French Glacier. The Haig Glacier Ski Camp, also known as The Beckie Scott High Altitude Training Center, is a seasonal Nordic ski camp used by clubs and teams from across north America. 18. One of the true classic ski tours in Kananaskis Park is the French – Haig – Robertson tour. Another little stream and waterfall. The athletes would ski anywhere from 1.5 hours to 4 hours. The trip was 20 km long and 1000 metres in elevation in the guide book, but we actually did about 24 km and climbed about 1500 metres. In … All equipment must be contained in two bags, one for clothing/etc and one for skis and poles. Peeled Paint Haig Glacier-August An on-snow and dry-land camp in coordination with the Sun Valley team. The 5km (3 mile) trail is a difficult climb across glacial moraines, but it provides some spectacular views of the trail into the campground as well as the glacier itself. Haig Glacier Final Day of training Camp was also one of the best days of skiing. This will increase the efficiency of the helicopter flights. Eventually, a sign directs you to the left, off the wide road and onto a narrow forest trail. Trail Description ... NTS Map: 082J11It's 15Km from the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot. The BWTC features a world-class fitness centre, a unique treadmill for cross-country skiing athletes, a training camp on a glacier, and a perfect venue for weddings and events. The trail marker for Haig Lake, perched very far above trail. The locations of the glaciers referred to in the report include: Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park (52°11' N, 117°16' W) Haig Glacier, Kananaskis (50°43' N, 115°18' W) Who: Winsport is the owner and operator of Canada Olympic Park, the Bill Warren Training Centre at the Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore Alberta, and the Beckie Scott High Performance Training Centre on Haig Glacier Alberta. Haig Glacier Smith-Dorrien Glacier French Glacier Headwall Lakes Chester Lake Fortress Mountain Ski Lease Spray Valley Provincial Park Peter Lougheed Provincial Park er eek adwall eek ... Rockies Trail Sawmill Day Use Black Prince Day Use Peninsula Day Use Mt. The Haig received less snow this year, and when temperatures reached nearly 30 C at the glacier in the last week of July, conditions deteriorated rapidly. This is an opportunity to begin to introduce these skiers to training at altitude. 00. My dad and I went on the French-Haig-Robertson traverse in Kananaskis Country. The French-Haig-Robertson Traverse starts and ends at the Burstall Pass parking lot in Kananaskis. • Fees: $1500 before June 1st, $1600 after (for groups of 4+ or HS/College The trail goes left up to the cairned bump from here. As the forest breaks, you’ll gain view of the hole-in-the-wall couloir. The program had a couple of training camps in the summer, the Haig Glacier, and a dryland camp in the Bow Valley. This is the Cinch Traverse ski run, which brings skiers down from the valley. 2.8 km 1.4 km Black Prince Cirque. Megan and I just got back from a pretty enjoyable trip to the Haig glacier for the last 6 days. The summit of Mount Haig is in the clouds on the right. After the pleasant and unexpected scree trail, I was faced with a surprisingly steep scree and rocky south face with many different options for ascent. Head up the pass. We were also lucky to … My route off the Haig Glacier follows a scree highway used by the x-country ski team to access the glacier from their high camp. Winsport Canada Ski Camp. The Haig Glacier Ski Camp, also known as The Beckie Scott High Altitude Training Center, is a seasonal Nordic ski camp used by clubs and teams from across north America. As you head higher into the moraines, you’ll gain view of the pass that leads onto the Haig Glacier.

haig glacier trail

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