Later that day, the depression intensified into Tropical Storm Philippe. Harvey weakened to a tropical depression on August 21, but re-intensified to a tropical storm after emerging into the Bay of Campeche. [56][61] In Haiti, brisk winds in the Port-au-Prince area blew down many refuge tents home to victims from the major 2010 earthquake. 1885 1885 Hurricane Late September, 1885 . The cyclone moved slowly north-northwestward and continued to strengthen. Some people were injured from falling parts of the steel scaffolding. Moving in an erratic motion at a very slow pace, Nate continued to strengthen. At 00:00 UTC on September 13, Katia's remnant merged with a larger extratropical system, over the North Sea. Hells Angels who were hired as stewards collectively abandoned their duties due to a lack of payment. Cyclonic rotation became increasingly evident on satellite imagery, though organization was halted by the disturbance's passage over the Yucatán Peninsula on June 26. A-to-Z; Unknown Day (C) =officially confirmed, (TBC) =to be confirmed, (SR) =strong rumour, (R) =rumour. [42] About $5 million in infrastructural damage occurred. In 2009 Hurricane did not sell out for the first time in a while. Hurricane Festival 2011 Blue Stage Eichenring, ScheeBel June 18, 2011. Bret weakened to a tropical depression at around 00:00 UTC on July 22 and no longer met the criteria of a tropical cyclone by 12:00 UTC, while positioned approximately 375 mi (605 km) north of Bermuda. In addition, the team expected an ACE value of approximately 165, citing that El Niño conditions had little chance to develop by the start of the season. My Chemical Romance Gig Timeline. Early the following day, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Maria. Due to its abrupt weakening prior to landfall, rainfall totals and wind observations along the warned areas were scarce; a maximum precipitation total of 2.56 in (65 mm) was documented near Bay City, Texas, and a peak wind gust of 41 mph (66 km/h) was recorded at Waldron Field. Their best selling album "Songs for the Deaf" was a critical hit and was certified gold in 2003, with sales of over 900,000. [44][45] Flooding in Haiti damaged over 300 homes and destroyed several cholera treatment centers. In 2012 the Red Stage which had only been introduced a few years before was no longer inside a tent but became the third open-air stage instead. The remnant low dissipated near the western tip of Cuba on October 29. After moving over increasingly cool sea surface temperatures, the cyclone began to gradually weaken. It includes their duration, names, landfall(s) – denoted by bold location names – damages, and death totals. [68] In Vermont, rainfall totals of 4–7 in (100–180 mm) were common. During the initial years (the exception being 2000) bands played over two days (Saturday and Sunday) but since 2003 the festival has taken place over three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).[3]. Although the season featured 19 tropical storms, most were weak. Previous concerts. Within 12 hours, Sean separated from the low and transitioned into a tropical cyclone,[101] after developing a warm core. Equipment and instruments were destroyed. The name "First Rider Open Air" is a reference to the packaging for Rider in Blue Jeans rolling tobacco which was new at the time. [77] Strong rip currents along the East Coast of the United States led to the deaths of two swimmers. In advance of, and during, each hurricane season, several forecasts of hurricane activity are issued by national meteorological services, scientific agencies, and noted hurricane experts. The storm made landfall in Saint Croix as a strong tropical storm later that day. NOAA also stated that, when looking at climate models, "activity comparable to some of the active seasons since 1995" could occur. Koopmans had calculated that if there were 12.000 attendees then he would break even. Jose attained its peak intensity with winds of 45 mph (75 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 1006 mbar (hPa; 29.71 inHg) but slowly weakened thereafter. Alongside Southside Festival, Hurricane festival is organised by FKP Konzertproduktionen, MCT Agentur and KoKo Konstanz and takes place every June. [74], A mesoscale convective system developed north of an upper-level low east-southeast of Bermuda on August 25. Strong wind shear from upper level winds and later on from Ophelia's outflow, as well as periodic entrainment of dry air, kept the cyclone both small and disorganized. Maria made landfall near Cape St. Mary's, Newfoundland, on September 16, before being absorbed by a frontal system later that day. Tracking over the warm waters of the northwestern Caribbean, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Harvey while just offshore Honduras. Winds left approximately 1.6 million people without electricity. The other states of New England experienced extensive flooding, but to a less degree. [4] TSR released an updated forecast on April 4, lowering the number of predicted cyclones by one. © 2018 FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH The storm left little impact in the Yucatán Peninsula due to its weakened state. Hurricane Festival 2011 Green Stage Eichenring, ScheeBel June 19, 2011. In late August, an area of convection that formed to the southwest of Bermuda organized into a distinct low pressure area. It was replaced with Irma for the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.[108]. However, internal core processes, increased wind shear, an impinging cold front, and increasingly cool ocean temperatures caused the cyclone to weaken almost immediately. It is also possible to receive information by text. On May 19, 2011, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued their pre-season forecast, predicting 12–18 named storms, 6–10 hurricanes, and 3–6 major hurricanes. [21] The season was more active than usual due to lower than average wind shear, warmer than average sea surface temperatures, and the presence of a La Niña. Home Live-Concerts Kaiser Chiefs – Hurricane Festival 2011. Voici un résumé de 90 minutes de ce festival. 0%. It initially drifted erratically northeastward due to its position within a stationary front. [citation needed] Strong winds toppled many trees and utility poles, leaving over 1 million people without electricity. In Colorado State University (CSU)'s spring outlook, the organization called for 16 named storms and 9 hurricanes, of which 4 would intensify further into major hurricanes. Two other fatalities occurred in the country. [52], A tropical wave developed into Tropical Storm Irene about 190 mi (305 km) east of the Lesser Antilles early on August 21. Hey, this setlist was played at a festival: Hurricane Festival 2011 setlists. Hurricane Festival 2011 Green Stage Eichenring, ScheeBel June 18, 2011. In 2004 a second open-air stage was built opposite the other which caused an unpleasant sound cross-over. Le Hurricane Festival est un festival de musique qui se déroule au mois de juin à Scheeßel, dans les environs de Brême, en Allemagne. In addition in the same year an elaborate contactless payment system was used on site rather than cash. [65] Damage throughout the Bahamas reached about $40 million. Tracking east-northeastward, the system gradually organized and became better defined. [58] Overall, damage in Puerto Rico totaled approximately $500 million. While crossing the island, Irene strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane. 1889 Hurricane September 23, 1889 . The Hurricane Festival, also just Hurricane, is a music festival that has taken place at the Eichenring, a speedway race track, in Scheeßel, Germany, since 1997. [54] A tornado in northern Belize also caused wind damage in a few villages. In addition to those already mentioned bands Van der Graaf Generator and Colosseum II and British progressive rock group Camel also performed. It slowly curved toward the north and northeast around the western periphery of the subtropical ridge, and regained tropical storm status on September 10. [51], On August 10, a tropical wave emerged into the Atlantic from the west coast of Africa. It is only calculated for full advisories on tropical systems at or exceeding 39 mph (63 km/h), the threshold for tropical storm strength. [101] The storm produced rough seas to the east coast of Florida, which drowned one swimmer in Jensen Beach. Accelerating to the north and northeast, shower and thunderstorm activity gradually diminished, the low-level circulation became exposed, and the NHC determined Jose degenerated into a remnant area of low pressure near 00:00 UTC on August 29, roughly 135 mi (220 km) north-northwest of Bermuda. The disturbance produced moderate rains while passing south of the territory, peaking at 1.16 in (29 mm); gusty winds were also observed. [38], Six hours after formation, the system strengthened into Tropical Storm Cindy. Related Videos More videos. Overall, damage in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina was minimal. The increase in numbers when compared to the pre-season forecast was due to the near-record start to the season. Hurricane Festival 2011 Green Stage Eichenring, ScheeBel June 18, 2011. In Dauphin and Lebanon counties alone, nearly 5,000 dwellings were damaged or demolished. A small mid-level area of low pressure formed on the western side of the convective complex later that same day, gradually developing into the lower levels of the atmosphere. [23] The season officially ended on November 30, 2011. Like many other large festivals Hurricane Festival plays a mix of rock, alternative, pop and electro music from established as well as emerging artists. Southside Festival, often referred to as Hurricane's "sister" festival, takes place on the same three days and has largely the same line-up. [78][79] After losing its tropical characteristics, Katia prompted the issuance of numerous warnings across Europe. Because of this hostile environment, Philippe remained near the minimum for a tropical storm and briefly weakened to a tropical depression on September 28. Dutch band Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers opened on the first night which then ended with Golden Earring playing their song Radar Love. Late on September 8, the cyclone intensified into a Category 1 hurricane, peaking with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph (120 km/h) and a minimum barometric pressure of 994 mbar (29.4 inHg). The post-tropical cyclone caused approximately £100m ($157 million) in damage in the United Kingdom alone. The band has released seven studio albums and has won several awards for their live performances. After the 2014 festival also sold out before the weekend, selling 73.000 Combitickets, 2015 was the first non sell-out in several years with around 65.000 attendees.

hurricane festival 2011

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