Average salary: $141,890 / £69,180 The obvious go-to career choice for anyone who graduates with a law degree is that of a lawyer.Students generally have an idea of what they want to specialise in before they graduate, but there is always the option of working or owning a general practice that permits you to handle a diverse array of cases. Turn your passion into a career! Our dedicated team of staff and faculty will help you from your application to graduation. A degree in English is also one of the most popular majors for pre-law students. Admitted Students: 2,657. Whether you are mildly interested or already committed to studying law, you can approach your studies in a manner that will help you decide whether law is for you and that will help prepare you for law school and the law school application process. Explore your career choices in this section of Quintessential Careers, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with … You will be prepared to succeed in law school and ready to influence the world for Christ, wherever He leads you. Note: This Information below is not intended to preclude completion of other courses that may be offered on a regular or irregular basis, such as selected topics courses. English is another famous choice for pre-law students, since so much reading and writing is required to perform well in this field. Program Learning Outcomes You'll study areas like criminal justice, political science, English, writing, and history, taking classes like Criminal Law, U.S. Students who are interested in becoming lawyers may think that they have a good understanding of the best pre-law majors for their undergraduate degree, but the truth is far more complicated. Looking ahead Pre-Law A.A. or A.S. Tennessee Transfer Pathway Program Description. Constitutional Law, and American Judicial Process. All ABA law schools require at least a bachelors degree for North American students. Pre-Law. A pre-law designation on your bachelor's degree is enough for many law-related careers, and many people gain work experience after earning a bachelor's degree before continuing to law school. Along with introducing students to different specialties within the field of law, the group also discusses internships, LSAT preparation, and hosts guest speakers and social events. Other law degree and certificate programs have varying requirements. Many pre-law students choose a major in political science, history, sociology, psychology, economics or English. Degree. The pre-law major aims to introduce students to legal studies while also teaching critical thinking and analytical skills so that pre-law majors are prepared to work in law enforcement, become paralegals, or … Political Science (B.A. For example, those with an interest in public policy might major in government. Individual and group advising sessions are offered, as well as workshops to assist you with the decision-making and application processes for law school. As students proceed through college, the pre-law advisor is available to counsel them through the various stages of law … The pre-law minor allows you to combine your existing major with a series of classes that will give you a strong foundation for law school. Average LSAT Score: 156.2 Program Description Law schools across the United States that are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) require that you have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before applying for enrollment. Description This program prepares you for transferring into a pre-law concentration degree program at a four-year university. The most common Pre-Law Studies degree earned was a bachelor's degree and it also has the widest range of school possibilities as well. Sussex provides a solid framework on which to build your college education for a successful future. The second most popular Pre-Law Studies degree that people obtain is an associate's degree. A pre-law degree is any degree which would allow someone to enroll for law school. Michigan State offers a pre-law major that is also considered a liberal arts degree. Consult with Pre-Law Center advisor to tailor your degree plan to specific interests; Research LSAT preparation options; Begin to research law schools online; Begin self-study for the LSAT; Write a resume in consultation with Pre-Law advisor or UT Arlington’s Office of Career Services In the pre-law degree program, you’ll master strong written, oral communication, and presentation skills used in law, and learn techniques for effective planning in preparation for the negotiation process. About the Minor in Pre-Law If you’ve set your sights on a law degree, the pre-law minor at Northern Vermont University can help you get ahead. Pre Law Majors. Students can prepare for law school with any program or dual degree option. History. 4. This major offers internships, honors programs and a semester in residence in Washington, D.C. Students can use pre-law advising services and attend pre-law … The Pre-Law Committee of the American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend any particular major or group of courses as the best preparation for law school. Pre-Law - A.A. Most pre-law students at Georgia College major in political science or business administration. A Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree is suitable if carefully planned. The pre-law advisor can offer guidance in not only course selection, but can also assist students in choosing a major that fits their needs and interests. The first step to becoming a lawyer is to get your undergraduate degree. Cedarville’s distinctly Christian pre law major provides you with a classic liberal arts education while studying contemporary legal systems in a biblical context. Some of these programs require a graduate-level law degree for admission. While a bachelor's degree is the likely degree choice, obtaining an associate's degree degree isn't out of the question. The Office of Pre-Law Advising provides guidance as you progress through your course work and the application process. About the B.A. The practice of law is a vast practice. The affordable pre-law degree at DeSales University is actually an academic track within the school's History major. Note: This section of Quintessential Careers is an outgrowth of founder Dr. Randall Hansen's book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Choosing a College Major Buy a copy today! Others may only require a bachelor's degree. Real jobs for college graduates who major in criminology and pre-law. 1. Lawyering touches almost every aspect in our lives. Program Information. However, music education, biology, English, history, psychology, and economics majors have all done well in law school after graduating from Georgia College. Students have significant freedom to pursue their own interests, with only a handful of required courses in American, European, and Comparative History as well as four basic logic and law classes. Courses Recommended for Pre-Law Students. I'd like to Learn More about this degree A major in English allows the future law student to develop the superior writing and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the field of law. MTSU's Pre-Law program begins with a basic study of government and encompasses courses in speech, logic, economics, and legal research and writing. Pre-Law Program Description The 90 credit Associate in Arts or Associate of Science transfer degree is designed to meet admissions, general education and major program requirements at Washington State four-year institutions. A first degree in law is generally required. Preparatory coursework for those interested in law school. Pre-law programs can be found online as bachelor degree programs in a number of subjects, including legal studies, justice studies and more. The Pre-Law concentration under the Political Science major is designed for students planning to attend law school or become a professional legal assistant. See Yourself Succeed with a Pre-Law Certificate. The Pre-Law program at Motlow College is a great path for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Pre-Law or Political Science. A pre-law degree in philosophy prepares the student to enter law school by teaching students how to understand and analyze situations and flesh out details. Lawyer. They will learn how to define and interpret complicated situations. ), Prelaw Track may be completed fully online, although not all elective options or program prerequisites may be offered online. Lawyering is not limited to fancy litigation we see in TV. This program area allows students an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of the intricacies of our judicial system. Mount Mary University's pre-law advising can guide you down the road toward a successful legal career and prepare you to apply to and enroll in law school. These programs help you develop an educational foundation in law before you continue on to a graduate degree program. They are also taught how to examine evidence and create compelling arguments that are cohesive and logical. You may transfer directly into sociology, philosophy, or political science programs or follow your path to the law degree. in Pre Law Degree. Pre-Law Program As an undergraduate student, you may be considering a career in law. All law studies and practices involve reading, comprehending, analyzing and writing complex materials. #1 – Your pre-law degree would play a great role in your career as a lawyer. Law is an integral part of American society, and lawyers work diligently to preserve and promote justice and social change within our society's legal framework. Pre-Law Degree. The following curriculum meets the requirements for a Political Science degree and prepares you for professional school. What's different about Mount Mary's Pre-Law Major? You’ll also learn to develop strong, comprehensive, and concise legal arguments. Current students can add this minor here . In this article, we explain what pre-law means and provide a list of common pre-law jobs to explore. The LLM degree is an advanced law certification that has global credibility. With a bachelor’s degree, you can further develop legal knowledge through law degree programs offered by Concord Law School at Purdue University Global. Learning to synthesize a lot of content and becoming sensitive to careful word choice will make you a stronger applicant and a better lawyer. Concord offers rigorous, rewarding online law degree programs, including the Juris Doctor (JD) and Executive Juris Doctor SM (EJD SM). It affects our health, our property, our businesses, our education, our society, and our government. A course of study in pre-law is compatible with a wide variety of majors and minors. The University’s Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Chapter welcomes all students interested in law or thinking about a career in law. Therefore, it is not a major, but any set of courses within any bachelors degree program (whether required as part of a major or elective) which prepare one for law school.

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