They’re not for me. But no less horrible than nature itself. I can't ever start up a conversation as I'd get too upset even though I'm not an emotional soul ordinarily. Even the shelter workers. Lead How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You: Get a Personal Philosophy (Here's Exactly How) If you really know who you are, other … It’s ridiculous! When I lived in South East Asia there was feral cats. And these are my GRANDPARENTS! It's gut wrenching. I know vengeance is wrong for me to want to take, but I can't help it! I almost feel that this is the single biggest issue in my life. But that act will have to take over half of us to commit. I have been feeling a lot better since going through all of these resources. I am literally making myself sick of worry. I have Asperger’s. Anyway, since they got the dog, it’s all I can think about. I am at the point where i hate humanity and wish the world would end, just so the Animal cruelty would all end. I see you found this place about the same time as me! It honestly troubles me how much money we spend on protecting animals that can’t find a way to protect themselves. No one needs to know what u are doing. There are times I literally feel in pain, thinking about things, asking myself the question, 'why are humans so cruel and stupid?' I am still trying to do my best with distressed animals and distressed people. I torture myself. I was very upset at the treatment of cats in a culture much different than North America. As an adult individual, the only validation you need is the law of your society. im in england. I would love to work at a vet or at the Humane Society but my biggest problem is I would not be able to be professional if an abused or hurt animal was brought in. It is killing me!! MindYoga4U A Site To Learn More About Meditation And Yoga Menu home About Blog Contact Posted on January 13, 2018by admin Stop Worrying About How to Everything | The renowned Mexican writer Octavio Paz tended to worry enough about situations. Is there a rescue charity you can contact who might be able to reassure you or monitor the situation? If this continues, the end will surely be near. I need to get back into it. One of the biggest concerns we have in the world is protecting endangered species. God put animals here on earth for us to care for. So....I do get very emotional and worry a lot. You definitely or not alone. I see boxes along the side of the ride and stress what is inside. I have rescued two dogs, but I am consumed by the millions out there who are suffering. I friended someone on FB because I fell in love with pix of her puppy. I did have to see the images and messages on the signs and one in particular got me into therapy where EMDR helped some. Worry doesn’t have the power to prevent anything bad from happening in your life. I wish I knew the answer to dealing with the worry but NEVER have found a solution. The difference is you live in a developed world where animal cruelty is rare relative to where I am from which is Ethiopia. I've had CBT and just had therapy with a psychologist, but for some reason I cannot get certain images I have in my head out! So letting go of suffering is necessary for us to realise our full potential and prosper in life, as is right and good. For days he kept on talking about that cat and how he could not thinking about that cat. Vera. The world is facing it's 6th largest extinction, since the dinosaurs and they predict that 7 out of 10 animals will become extinct in the next 50 years. I do not have enough money to donate to animal rights groups, but I have saved so many innocent lives by choosing not to contribute to the suffering and simply changing my lifestyle. As awful as it feels to make myself sick with worry, there's also a part of me that seems strangely addicted to it. I know that does sound ridiculous to many, but I think you all on here can totally relate/understand! It has come to a point where I have villianized her and she is the threat that I must keep my cats away from. My main trigger are strays. (even as I'm typing this!) How to Stop Worrying What People Think in 3 Steps. You have to watch trying to steal the dog because they will know it is you but I know it is tempting. I think about what they're going through and .. Welling up now even writing this. Today I'm going to delete my Facebook and set up a reward chart for my step daughter, which my partner agrees with. I is heartbreaking. I used to not care as much about that stuff, but as I get older, my brain seems to lump babies in with all animals, and I cannot control the anger and sadness that just crashes down as soon as I even think of it. I always carry treats for him which probably makes me mire attached to him :((. Or humans that are murdered for others to eat etc. I'm so scared I'm going to breakdown when she does pass. Antidepressants worked only for 5 yrs now they backfire and make me worse and are dangerous. there’s millions of adoptable animals at any given time. I decided to write this as was moved by your message. I am also glad to find this group. Even if just for the night. Turns out he has a congenital disease that in essence amounts to a very shortened life span. I do empathise with you. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. (1995), we are social animals and in order to check our social status and inclusion we constantly notice what others think of us. We let go of the outcome. I try to put a smile on no matter how much I'm worrying, I try to take my mind of it but that does not work. Needless to say, this is not a good place for a dog. I have a normal happy family, 2 kids ( Im in my 30s happily married) with a rabbit and a cat (pampered beyond belief). I was glad to find this group because now I know I can talk to others that understand what I deal with also. Never delay seeking advice or dialling emergency services because of something that you have read on HealthUnlocked. How can you just switch it off. Spend more time outside appreciating, enjoying and learning about wildlife. I have a strong sense of suffering and can get bogged down by the presence of it at times and I am working to heal this now. If I can't be bothered to be moved to utter sadness knowing these things are going on, then I feel I am no better than the people committing or allowing these vial acts to happen. I guess after reading this thread I feel less alone, and also a little less worried knowing that others are out there that care as much as I do. I used to be really extreme about 15 years ago. I cried and cried and i told my husband we will go for a drive. So i am able to give buster some love. Its correct that these emotions gives us pain as we feel their pain but we have to embrace this suffering as we are in the world full of animal haters and meat eaters. I was a skeptic until I met this woman offering reiki to animals in the shelter. How does one do that when the images and thoughts are burned in your mind. If I may say, you may perhaps have some slight OCD and I recommend a website called Uncommon Knowledge that has a lot of information about that. I also have anxiety about leaving my fur babies at home or in the presence of a close friend or family member for fear of what could happen to them. This is not being crazy, this is just being human. One thing would be great for animals and their owners is a break on the cost of spay and neutering these poor animals to control overpopulation . Just getting even 1 animal fixed saves many many more from ever entering a shelter! I know there are a lot of people that worry about their pets and other animals, but not to this extreme. We transcend that prision. I still worry, like I am now, but it's better. As long as endangered species are being used for food, such as a jerky or stew, I don’t really see why anyone could possibly have a problem with it. No hands on contact w the cats. I live in a seaside town and everyday I witness something that upsets me. Lately, I have been making myself completely miserable worrying about animals being abused and neglected. what has helped me is in trying to understand the nature of my emotions through meditation. Even from years ago! Thank-you for your reply! Sorry long post. I wish there was something I could do to end it all and knowing that isn't possible makes me more anxious. 3. Hi everyone, I found this place on a random search looking for something to explain to me why I feel so much compassion and empathy towards animals. I’m constantly worrying about whether they have food and water, or if they are being watched when let outside so they don’t run off, or whether or not they are getting enough attention. I'm the past some bad things have happened, we have lost a few beloved pets. As a sensitive person, you are prone to anxiety. Xxxxx. I have lots of cats and have them all fixed but I recently had a new one dropped off and before I could get her fixed she had 3 kittens. Good luck to you and your boyfriend; I know it is hard for both of you when one person obsessively worries about something. I'm so glad to know other people feel the same way I do! Hating the human race. I've read so many similar stories here and genuinely made me feel a bit more sane. I know this is an old post, but I've never read anything that sounded exactly how I feel every day of my life...this is EXACTLY what I go through in my mind...I also have 2 dogs ...I'm obsessed with worry about them and all the sweet animals of the world...not able to function properly anymore it seems. I dont mentally focus on them because near or far, an animal can sense this and it impedes their ability to settle into the energy and relax. You are compassionate, empathetic, and kind. The energy at these protests and very healing and uniting. im not saying that we should ignore an animal or a person in need, all i want to achieve is that any external event that you might experience shouldnt get the better of you, and make your emotions turn against you. Your dogs will not be thinking as you do. I think she thought I was overreacting I never went back... why if there are so many animals lovers out there is this animal cruelty still happening??? One of you mentioned that while ignoring it won't make it go away, reading about it won't help it stop either, and you are so right!) No animal should live like that. It is enough. Aren’t children more important than a stupid tiger? I live where coyotes will come down and hunt for cats, as well as a busy street! So there I was, in the middle of rehearsal, and I thought, 'They're killing a dance.'". I am in the exact same boat.....I thought I was the only one. Just KNOW you are not alone. Though, I have seen some undesirable people treat their dogs much better than they treat human beings, so it maybe that the dog is alright. I hope more people find your post and continue to post. I feel like I need a new perspective. Depression has held me back and moving away. Hope you get some thing done for the poor animal and get peace for yourself. I find it so depressing because if you feel like this I don't know any way you can really be happy? It's so heartwarming to find a group of kindred spirits who feel the same as I do our defenceless animals. If you want to stop worrying, take the smaller steps to get out of the worry zone. Does this mean we should all be closing our eyes and do nothing? Here is a link yo IDA's Sustainable Activist vids. I finally just pray for them because as long as animals are viewed as property, there is so little you can legally do. my life is finite too, and the only way i can make good use of my time would be to generate some positivity around me. Idiot neighbor would rather "try" to turn these feral cats into pets where they are forced to live in a home with humans. Today I was feeling so horrible and overwhelmed with worry for my precious furry babies that I googled "how to stop worrying about animals" and found this thread. I say this because there is a lot of ways cats live around the world. I feel helpless. We'll start with my boyfriend. Sadly most are not interested but like I said..once u take Level 2 you can offer reiki to any animal who are not near you. You basically initiate a treatment through intention. I need to still figure out therapy or something because the anxiety it gives me affects my quality of life, and the things that upset me the most are the ones that I can't do anything about. I think about animals all the time. Don't know what I will do with more kittens. They've just switched my Lexapro to Prozac and upped it to 40mg so I'm hoping I'll feel a little better. For those that feel like we do it can start to make you feel like you're crazy when you want to control where your thoughts go and the emotion that goes with them but you cannot, it can get tiring but I will never regret the compassion I have for those that are less fortunate than me. I feel overwhelmed and depressed. To do this, exhale completely through your mouth. Peace..a precious commodity is experienced. I think we can do our part for our animals but need to let ourselves enjoy our lives and trust in God to help with our love for animals. I even unplug nightlights or air fresheners when I leave even though they say they are perfectly safe to leave on. I believe God looks down on those torturing animals and children, even senior citizens who cant fend for themselves, and cries for us, is ashamed of what the human race, for the most part has become. The more organized you are the less room there will be for worry. Farm together, have a loving community where there is no abuse on anyone or anything. You dont love less....we need to kove animals as hard and strongly as possible, report abuse, and know your own animals know their loved. I am such an animal lover . Mardiha..I read your post and it felt like I was hearing myself speak. That I cant be "in the trenches" like others who do..and how different my life would be if I were more average (whatever that is) in my emotional response. as Emeril would say. Anyway, I will keep this short for now. I still consider us to be horrendous parasites that will end up destroying themselves by destroying the host. The sadness I feel over the situation I encountered feels like knives in my stomach and my heart/lungs being crushed. Finally, exhale through your mouth, counting to eight as you do so. You all have truly helped me today! I worry evry night about ALL the animals right now at this very moment who are sad, in pain, lonely, tortured, will be tortured and it makes me crazy, thus i googled to see if anyone else feels the same way, and i found this site and link and can so relate to everyone on here. It's so hard.. makes me feel so sick. I feel for you completely and feel the exact same way. I hate living like this and being constantly scared that something horrible will happen to one of them. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I volunteered at the humane society for awhile and want to do more. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Accept you care, which will help you make the choice to go ahead and do what is best for you. I know this post is a few years old, but I feel exactly the same way as you about animals and my own (I have 4 dogs & 3 cats). We are part of nature and perhaps nature intends us to be what we are. Its distressing not being able to do anything and its not fun worrying so much and knowing what could happen, and what is happening, and nothing can be done. Spoil and love your own like they are the furry embassators representing all cats! 6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Control ... Their worries keep them occupied, but ultimately, they waste their time and energy because worrying doesn't do any good. I wake them up all the time just to check and my heart beats so fast out of my chest until they respond and I know they are alive. I have to put on white noise at night so I don’t hear the beautiful cat thats allowed to roam a neighborhood thats coyote territory. He loves me and tries his best, but when it comes to me reprimanding his daughter just because she pet one of my cats incorrectly, he has little tolerance. He is the most loving cat too which makes it even harder. Some animals are very untrusting and closed off. I will go to any extent because my love for animals is so intense. So basically, if you try to save an endangered species, you are very selfish. We breed animals not to eat and survive, but to make money. I wish you well. I can hardly go for drives or walks because I'm afraid I'll see a animal in what I consider bad conditions. It escalated early this year and now I'm easing into depression..I feel like dying every day. Where did worrying come from? I ruined a vacation because he wanted to go to the real area instead of the tourist traps. He doesn't live with me. So many posts on this thread are words I have uttered myself over and over again. Thanks, it's good to know other people care about animals as well. They dedicate themselves for the mission and nothing else. If it helps, you might jot down the worry to review later. I have always stressed about innocent animals. And in a way, it does, but not in the way you’d think. You have goodness to offer and these are the best qualities to offer the world and the animals. I relax and center and remain open. She’s famous because she does dark humor jokes but she is truly ill, I think I’m getting better by reading people relating to my love for animals! I don't think I could reman sane dealing with such abuse rtoward poor animals. Susie xx. The images are burned in my mind and I’m constantly thinking about the poor dog across the street and it’s beginning to be too much for me to handle. I relate so much to what you say- but my boyfriend's relationship with cats maybe more closer to how you feel. I have told her on numerous occasions that she must not do this. Honestly I sometimes think that all the awareness on social media, etc for abused animals just feeds more negative thoughts for the deranged sickos out there too. Hi. As his partner I feel frustrated at times but I always atleast quietly support him because his feelings are important. I can't. It should upset us! How to stop worrying. I still hate what humans do to animals through factory farming and dairy farming, also cruelty and neglect. As a result, I have gained over 50+ lbs, quit my job, stopped participating in extracurricular activities and hobbies, and I barely want to leave our room bc that’s where my cats are and I must protect them. I can't kill any insect, and I am a vegetarian and mostly vegan actually. They say ignornace is bliss -- there is some truth to it. I am hoping you have found a way to deal with the issue. I remember even as a child worrying about where animals went in the cold. Maybe I am trying to find a sense of power or control by letting this pity take over. I can only control what I do. I despise a lot of humans if I'm honest. Do you still feel this way? The biggest culprit is money. Yes there is a huge group of us. Two weeks ago, the trashy people across the street got a dog. I shared this because today I am not able to go into the front lines much. There is only so much we can do. You get an initiation from a Reiki Master Teacher that basically opens up your channels so you reiki can flow from you. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Please reach out here or my email, Just seeing this thread makes me feel a little better. I am tormented with worry for my own animals and all animals out there in the world. I think this world is so cruel and I often feel like I wasn't made for this world. But it sometimes is all we can do. You can get free traps onloan and take a class online even. Friendship is one such relationship that needs loving and caring and giving. For good reason! I am the same. Learn about us. Also..I found this on their site. I catch my tongue sometimes when he sounds a bit excessive. I plan to find a cause that supports this and donate, but I also feel I need an outlet to talk to others about this to cope with the fact that it happens and not matter how much I donate my time or money, it won't end it all, everywhere and forever. A ball & chain only temporarily leaving. During your daily worry period, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes to thinking about your money concerns. I once saw a quote (I'll see if I can find it and repost) that said "what merely scratches others, wounds me" and I really identified with it. The good thing is though is that my neighbor is letting me go over to his backyard when he is at work. I know the cat is taken care of, but I was up half the night worrying about him. I am exactly like you an it's driving me nuts, I feel so similar to you!!!! The thought of this just breaks my heart and soul!.. Nothing like it really! I have contemplated moving.. but then buster wouldn't have me around. I spent the whole day obsessing over a dog instead of enjoying our long-awaited vacation. I obsess about animals that I think are being neglected too. While animals fear when they face real danger, they don’t worry about what might happen in the future, nor they read articles on how to stop worrying. They are helpless and speechless. Yet like I said, I dont mentally focus on them or stare. i had to stop in the car in the middle and burst into tears. I feel exactly the same way. BAM! I have a very addictive personality . The Yulin atrocity has crippled me with so much sadness and I too feel guilty for anything I spend money on when I know such horrific things are happening to these poor, helpless animals. Maybe they don’t even want to live anymore. It's all I can think about and then i think of others out there. Dr Low founded in 1935 and its NOT religion or crappy 12 step based. So, I am on this site in the hopes that I connect with others who share my sensitivity and who are devastated by these atrocities as much as I am so that I don't feel so alone. I feel like I never will, Yes I'm going through it now..there is s little dog being neglected not far from me..out in the yard all weather and never gets out for a walk it's killing me.. phoned authority they said they can't force people to walk dogs an nothing they can do..I pass food through now an again when I can but it's breaking my heart it's driving me crazy can't stop thinking about the poor dog...but ifeel so own dog is always spoilt an I love her very much...but I just wanna save the trapped dog but I can' it's making me ill, Michael Jackson; 'They're killing a dance. I donate to some charities, but they send me articles and pictures via website and in the mail and i am back to square one. Saving one dog will not change the world ... but for that dog, the whole world is changed. I’m not using the word “trashy” lightly; they’ve had CPS called several times, are always in and out of jail for dealing drugs, and don’t take care of their house. I can't sleep, can't think without crying. Tags: Animals as Teachers, anxiety, living in the moment, worry ... Ive been crying and worried about the worst possible outcome, but this helped me realize that I need to just stop worrying so much because its not helpping me and its not helpping him. It's a wonderful thing that you care so much about other beings. In hopes that you may still read this. I just googled to see if I could find others who feel the same as I do, and I must say, I am a little comforted to know I am not alone. Wildlife preservations are taking up large chunks of land that could be used for government housing. 7. We are so cruel to each other and, what just kills me, we are so cruel to other species who have done nothing wrong. Probably because I spent 15K in credit card debt to try to save our other cat. I cry multiple times a day, and I am used to it. The thing that is strange is Bozo has a tooth bite on his shoulder the same night this happened. I have talk to neighbors and we have cougars and other predators in our neighborhood and I am afraid something has gotten her. I am trying to stop helping and taking in stray but is almost impossible. He can't read anything about animals being hurt in the news and when it happens locally he says he would like to track down the people himself. Just creating that safe peaceful loving "space" and invite the enegy to flow and invite the animal to take whatever they want for as long as they want....or none at all. I quit facebook because I had gotten connected with so many rescue dog groups after I rescued two dogs, and I couldn't deal with the sad stories I would see, they would haunt me each night before bed and they still do! to the extent that it becomes a source of misery and does not let me concentrate on work or studies. I also found Recovery International meetings help w some of my anxiety & depression. I hate seeing animals die but I realize when they are not wel, l passing on is a blessing at times for animals and humans. I many times dont feel the love, when i see whats going on. Please keep in touch and know we care. Wow.. Then, at the set time, pull it out and work your way through the list. The jails would be full for sure. The good people need to increase and outweigh the number of bad people. I have become fearful of scrolling down on facebook or any new stories worried I'll see a pic or will have to imagine if they say what was done to the animal. They will suddenly just come up from nowhere and swamp me. I can't handle watchi g them either. If you want to be accepted, you end up losing part of who you are. For example, he worried much economic condition was presented with the children of certain types of workers and wanted to create a school for them. Im exactly the same way. I have Junie fixed and was getting ready to take Tracker. With regards to your own dogs, think of the millions of households that have animal friends that live with them. No amount of alcohol or medication can help me...I feel helpless every day knowing that this is the state of the world today and it will be even long after I'm gone. I have no idea what to do ?!? I have rescue dog and cat in my apartment and I feed few cats in the neighbourhood. I have warm bed for 7 of them on my back deck and I check on them constantly but I think it happen that evening when I was at grocery store . I can't hear stories about animals mistreated or see them dead on the side of the road. Start making actions and solve problems that worry you. Maybe this is something that would help? Power is in love, so teaching others to love animals is the best we can do. It doesn't seem much but the number of people doing these thing amounts to making a big difference to many animals. I've been on the verge of tears all day. I have to go back and check and sometimes I have to make myself not go back to double check! I worked at rescue centres tubing animals and dealing hands on with emergencies. Its not more effective when u place your hands on an animal. Then I remember that my dogs are fed and loved and they came to me after being abandoned and a hard life. And I can’t wrap my head around it. I hate humans. I too have this, and you have no idea how much of a comfort this forum and you guys are for me! We will pray somehow things may change for the poor dog. Yes,social media is awful for it. It's damn hard for us animal empaths but like you say it's reassuring and comforting to know we aren't the only ones. I still volunteer at a "safe" shelter where euthanasia only done when necessary & where most cats are cage-less and dogs in nicer condos & they dont rot in them for yrs on end. I feel exactly the same way you do. this might sound philosophical or whatever but im sharing it anyway in case theres the slightest probability it might be of help to someone. 6. I am vegan and feel very strongly about animal cruelty, but it's not healthy to constantly look at distressing images. Oh well. I donate money on a monthly basis and sometimes give one off amounts for emergency situations. Last night i cried myself to sleep over this. I am however nervous about going as I know that the moment I see a Lion or Elephant roaming, without a cage or bars in sight, I am going to be inconsolable. We, humans, are animals, like it or not. At the moment I have two dogs at home with two cats and two kittens (below 1 yr) , and its a huge struggle sometimes. I am so happy I came across your post. I give them the best food and read up on the best care I can give them and what to look out for if any of them are sick. I just don't understand how any human could commit such acts against another living thing. Reading through these posts has made me cry at nearly every one as thoughts go through my head too.. like how my cat would escape if there was a fire ( he's a house cat due to health issues), taking any animals to the vets for their boosters - I worry if it's a dodgy batch and will watch them like a hawk. I feel the exact same way! I am in a very similar situation. My husband thinks im nuts and going overboard. By focusing on the animals instead of the people we’re telling kids, who may be the very scientists that can bring species back, that we don’t care about them. I am sick to my stomach right now as we speak. I I still don't fully understand how I can watch terrible things happening to people in the news and be realitivly unaffected,but if there are animals involved then I feel physically sick and can't get it out of my head for weeks. I keep looking for them and finding them gone, is heartbreaking every time. Getting a cat tree is a lovely thing. I also try not to watch things that are related to animal abuse because it upsets me so much and affects me terribly. I'd like to know more people who can understand this. Right now as i type this he is tied up to the back porch because it is raining. I dread the cold weather because I am simply paralyzed at the thought of animals being out in it.
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