This no-bake peanut butter bars recipe is literally a fail-proof. (Gluten-Free, Vegan) I moved a TON growing up (9x by the time I graduated … I have made them every Sunday since discovering the recipe in the beginning of the month. You can use any kind you like, be it shelf stable or drippy peanut butter. Maple Syrup – could also substitute honey. Since all ovens are different your baking time may vary slightly. One of my daughter's favorite snacks are energy bars… CAN PEANUT BUTTER BARS BE LEFT OUT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE? This healthy breakfast bars recipe requires two stints of baking. Sweetener: I use stevia. They sure look impressive, but making them is not difficult at all. Modified: Nov 29, 2020 by Priya. I just made them with a little bit of dark chocolate chips swirled into the top layer of peanut butter… I’m not sure they will make it to the fridge. Super easy! Copyright © 2020. In fact, it’s so easy to make, the kids can help you in the kitchen. They helped me grow all the necessary parts of our very first tiny little human…and the second…and the third…and the fourth…and the fifth…. Want the new recipes in your inbox. There is no brown sugar in this recipe! Melt chocolate chips in a double-boiler water bath. Allow to slightly cool. Would love to try! I know my kiddos are gonna love it too! Quick and easy recipe. & wow. Hope this helps! Spread this mixture in the wax-paper-lined pan, then freeze it for 15 minutes. !, these breakfast bars are full of fiber, protein, potassium, omega-3s, and are SO delicious. 6. They are chocolatey and creamy and taste even better than your favorite peanut butter cup! Bake for 18-20 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Easy peasy No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Bars with just three healthy ingredients – and then plenty of chocolate on top! Recipes developed by Vered DeLeeuw, CNC Nutritionally reviewed by Rachel Benight MS, RD, CPT. I’m a green smoothie addict, lover of the outdoors, and a peanut butter & nap enthusiast! Thank you for supporting JoyFoodSunshine! Made these last night and enjoyed my first this morning!! You will later use the overhang as handles for lifting the bars out of the pan. As long as it’s not really really hot in your house, these bars should be ok to sit out without melting. Carefully lift the wax paper and place it on top of a cutting board. Then you can cut it into 16 bars. 3. This will allow for easy removal later on. I don’t recommend using a coarse almond meal. Add applesauce, honey, 1/4 cup peanut butter and vanilla. I use the PBFit powder and mixing it was water to make the PB before adding it. How to make healthy peanut butter twix bars First, you’ll make your shortbread cookie base by mixing the almond flour with coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. To me, they are perfect. It should be moist but not at all liquidy. Nutrition info is approximate and may contain errors, so you should independently verify it. After 20 minutes of baking, remove the oatmeal breakfast bars from the oven and spread a layer of peanut butter on top. I’m a huge sucker for healthy recipes requiring a small number of ingredients and taking as little time as possible. Hey dawn! Peanut butter: I use natural creamy peanut butter. Wowza! And these tasty bars are made without graham crackers. Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe (Better than Cinnabon). (alternately add the dry ingredients after mixing the wet ingredients). This is a no-bake recipe. My stomach is very happy. This step sets the peanut butter and finishes baking the bars. These healthy oatmeal breakfast bars sustained me as we moved across the country away form all our friends and family. Very yummy! Mix flour, brown sugar, peanut butter, butter, milk, egg, vanilla extract, salt, and baking soda together … Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars – This yummy treat tastes like peanut butter cups in bar form! You can probably use a sugar-free granulated sweetener instead (powdered would be best), but I haven’t tested that. These are the BEST Healthy Breakfast Bars ever! Every night when my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, I know one of these beauties will be waiting for me when I wake up. First, bake the breakfast bars naked (without any peanut butter on top) for 20 minutes. IF YOU MAKE SOMETHING FROM JOYFOODSUNSHINE I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR CREATIONS! It is calculated using the recipe calculator and the carb count excludes sugar alcohols. I add a bit of butter to the melted chocolate to keep it from hardening too much and becoming brittle after it sets. So ditch those store-bought granola and protein bars … Melt the butter in a medium microwave-safe bowl. AND they’re easy to make! I always make them the day before I want to eat them and let them cool in the refrigerator overnight. Wrap each with plastic wrap and store in an airtight container in the fridge for a quick grab and go breakfast! Most of our recipes are low-carb (or keto) and gluten-free, but some are not. You wont see me use the words “BEST” in too many recipes, because a lot of people have great variations of a lot of dishes. These peanut butter bars are a healthy snack the whole family will love. Simply replace it with an additional 1/2 cup of oats! The top should be slightly firm when the breakfast bars are removed from the oven. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I like to add crunchy peanut butter to the top layer to add texture. They are chocolatey, intense, and wonderful. Scroll down to the recipe card for the detailed instructions. Freeze for 15 minutes. I’m out of work for the next 3 weeks because of a broken arm and needed something satisfying for breakfast that would keep me on the “healthier” track…..these definitely satisfy that need!! I followed the recipe as written. Stir dry ingredients into wet until combined. Still delicious. So glad you enjoy them as much as I do! There’s something addictive about peanut butter. I have used almond butter, both types of oats (old fashion and quick), powder PB- all turned out great! Use all natural/organic ingredients, if you prefer, for a healthier version! I have gotta say, it’s amazing! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. So good every time! Pour the melted chocolate on top of the peanut butter layer, using the spatula to scrape it off the bowl and to spread in evenly. These bars had the most perfect chewy consistency and was pleasantly surprised with the protein content in one serving. Filed Under: Breakfast, Gluten-Free, Healthy Recipes, Peanut Butter, Popular Recipes, Recipe Videos, Recipes, Vegan Tagged With: breakfast, dairy free, gluten free, oatmeal, peanut butter, vegan. Made with peanut butter, almond flour, chocolate chips, a hint of salt, vanilla and sweetened with maple syrup, this healthy no bake peanut butter snack is a … Press this into an 8×8 inch … I was worried bc of the changes I made, but it honestly tastes like apples & peanut butter (one of my favorite snacks) but in like a granola form. As you can see, the final product will have nice little sinkholes of peanut butter on top! I am so happy with these! This healthy breakfast bars recipe requires two stints of baking. Cover the pan with plastic wrap. Thanks for the recipe! The only ingredients are peanuts and salt, and it’s the kind of peanut butter you need to stir well before using. Below are 6 healthy traditional peanut butter brands, in no particular order. First, bake the breakfast bars naked (without any peanut butter on top) for 20 minutes. If you have, can you share what you used? Perfectly thick, soft and chewy peanut butter bars with a peanut butter and chocolate glaze. I’m in love with this recipe! They are absolutely delicious. Please read the disclaimers in our. It’s as easy as mixing everything together and letting it sit. I typically publish a new recipe once or twice per week. A healthy vegan oatmeal breakfast bar ready in 20 minutes and made with less than 10 ingredients. 1. This brand offers creamy and crunchy peanut butter… I am a former chemistry teacher turned wife and mom of five beautiful babies with one on the way in 2021! Place the chocolate chips and the butter in a microwave-safe bowl. I am a creature of habit. I used 1.5c of the ground up buckwheat groats. The amount you use will depend on your taste. A great thing about these Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars is that they’re super versatile and highly customizable! Here’s an overview of what you’ll need: Almond flour: I use blanched finely ground almond flour in this recipe. Calling all the peanut butter lovers to try this healthy breakfast oatmeal bars! My daughter likes to heat it up a little and put a few chocolate chips on top! The exact measurements are included in the recipe card below. Refrigerate until set and firm, about 4 hours. Peanut Butter Granola Bars Ingredients. The top should be slightly firm when the breakfast bars … With only 8 common ingredients, plus your little add-ins, I’m claiming these bars to be just as easy as my 5 ingredient healthy peanut butter … Required fields are marked *. To make these breakfast bars in one bowl, start by mashing the banana. Yes, the recipe … 10/10. Last updated on September 2, 2020. I mean, what’s not to love? I always cut them into 9 breakfast bars, because it’s the perfect size breakfast for me to enjoy with a green smoothie. Healthy Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars will satisfy your morning sweet tooth with wholesome cereal, honey, peanut butter, and oatmeal. I love them. Leave a comment and review below, then take a picture and tag @joyfoodsunshine #joyfoodsunshine on Instagram so I can see it! These keto peanut butter truffles are perhaps too good! As you can see, the final mixture should NOT be runny. Question of the century! Continue baking for 10 minutes more or until firm and lightly browned around the edges. Mix in the stevia, peanut butter, and almond flour. These simple 3 Ingredient No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Squares can be thrown together in minutes. They combine two of my favorite foods: creamy peanut butter and very dark chocolate. Thank you so much Kelsi! I also like the fact that they are so easy to make. Hello I’m Laura! Chocolate Chips – because chocolate and peanut butter … Remove from the freezer and cut into individual bars. You can keep the leftovers refrigerated in an airtight container, separated by layers of wax paper. Butter: I use unsalted butter, and I prefer creamy European butter. But any butter will be great. Absolutely love these. Has anyone made a substitution on the bananas? This is my all-time favorite recipe, so I always love when other people enjoy it as much as I do! Just waiting for the oven timer :)! . Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars with Oats. I have eaten one every day for over a decade (seriously)! Now I stand vigil, keeping these kids away!!!! Thriving Postpartum: What to Expect & Postpartum Essentials for Mom, Pantry Staples (Baking & Smoothie Making), breakfast bars, breakfast bars recipe, healthy breakfast bars, healthy breakfast bars recipe, oatmeal breakfast bars, peanut butter breakfast bars, can use old fashioned but they will be chewier. The last step is to cover the pan and refrigerate it for at least 4 hours until the mixture is fully set. It has been updated with new photos, a video and step-by-step instructions, but the recipe remains unchanged! Haha. The Calories: 247.1kcal per bar is with or without peanut butter on the top? This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through a link you clicked on here, I receive a portion of the sale. (Optional: Stir in 1/2 tablespoon butter for shinier … I enjoy a super thick layer of peanut butter, so I use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup. An easy no-bake recipe, these gluten-free bars are made without graham crackers. However, without hesitation I can say these are THE BEST peanut butter bars … So if it ain’t broke I won’t fix it and I’ll just keep on keeping on. Your email address will not be published. Want the new recipes in your inbox? Click here to read more >>, Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease an 8x8 square baking dish. Since this is my all-time favorite recipe it always brings me joy when others enjoy them as well! Let’s be honest, there’s no better pair out there than peanut butter … . I don’t have flax seed meal .Can i just add A super seed mix? Now, go ahead and melt some butter in a medium microwave-safe bowl. I have tried mixing it up in the mornings, but it’s no use. Also, last time I added blueberries on top and it was quite delicious! I’d suggest substituting 1 cup of applesauce and then you may need to slightly increase the oats. I get a lot of questions about possible substitutions for this breakfast bar recipe, so let’s chat about them now! Healthy fats, protein, and the all-out delicious factor. DON’T FORGET TO RATE THIS RECIPE AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! Very tasty and easy to make, will definitely make again! I used my food processor to grind up buckwheat groats (which are gluten free). Cool for 20 minutes in the … The base is made of melted peanut butter … In a metal bowl over simmering water, or in the microwave, melt the chocolate chips with the 4 … Keep leftovers refrigerated in an airtight container, separated by layers of wax paper. Recommended and linked products are not guaranteed to be gluten-free. Made from 5 simple ingredients and take only 10 minutes to make. These healthy no-bake peanut butter protein bars contain only four ingredients, are packed full of protein and are super easy to prepare! I have eaten them warm when I didn’t have my act together and they’re still good, but not as good if catch my drift! Your first step is to line the pan with some wax paper, ensuring that you have a wax paper overhang. It’s wonderful. Plus, it’s so satisfying. Return the breakfast bars topped with peanut butter to the oven for 10 more minutes. Thank you Angela! I am celiac and even gf oats don’t work. These no bake peanut butter bars are easy, healthy peanut butter bars topped with a silky luscious chocolate peanut butter ganache. My husband and I have been enjoying one square each night after dinner, with our coffee, taking small bites, savoring, prolonging the pleasure. Plus they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free and vegan! and then some coconut flakes on top after baking. Line a square 8-inch baking dish with wax paper so that you have a wax paper overhanging on both sides. Mama-no-share! & I didn’t have any bananas or apple sauce so instead I added more peanut butter & used a small amount of apple juice. I find myself wishing I had just eaten one of these breakfast bars. Combine chocolate chips and coconut oil in a medium bowl. Hey! I have also added a layer of Hope Chocolate Spread (it’s plant based from Costco!!) They make the perfect snack for on-the-go. I want to make a banana free version for my daughter-in-law and granddaughter since they are allergic to bananas. These No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Bars could have been ridiculously healthy. And when paired with dark chocolate, it’s even more dangerous. Did you maybe make a different recipe? Your next step is to gently spread a melted chocolate mixture on top of the hardened peanut butter layer. Remove them from the fridge 5-10 minutes (but no longer, or they become too soft) before serving. I made these in week 2 of the quarantine and although I was missing a few items (applesauce=1/2 smashed up apple & also missing was almond flour), nothing went to waste, I felt it could only get better. However, in order to be helpful I want to walk through all the steps in this recipe for you! Use the spatula to transfer the mixture to the prepared pan, and to spread the mixture evenly. This easy recipe is made in one bowl in 30 minutes, and is loaded with fiber, protein & omega-3s to keep you full all morning long! 5. Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal protein Bars or peanut … Peanut Butter. Oatmeal bars contain whole-grain ingredients and have the added benefit of a little protein when you add creamy peanut butter… It’s one of the easiest keto desserts on this blog. This bar looks dreamy! Sign up here to receive weekly e-mails! By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But these amazing bars are so satisfying, that a little goes a long way. You could also try pumpkin! When I decided to start a blog over three years ago, I knew right away that this would be my very first post. Speaking of peanut butter, you should definitely try this amazing keto peanut butter fudge. Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars Recipe - The changes I made were that I didn’t have any plain oats so I used cinnamon apple oatmeal. Use as much or as little as you’d like! Originally published March 10, 2019 123 Comments. Subscribe! Is there anything to sub for the oats? chocolate, gluten free, keto, peanut butter. Please verify that a recipe fits your needs before using it. Allow to slightly cool, then mix in the stevia, peanut butter, and almond flour. “Wouldn’t you rather mix it up?” They say. Line a square 8-inch baking dish with wax paper so that you have a wax paper overhanging on both … Thank you ! Rolled Oats – simple, old fashioned rolled oats. A comforting dessert ready in less than 20 minutes with a bonus! We have a nut allergy though. Natural Peanut Butter – I like the drippy kind of peanut butter made with only peanuts and maybe a little salt, but use what you have on hand.Feel free to sub any kind of nut or seed butter. Using a sharp chef’s knife, cut into 16 squares. But I am grateful for your concern about my lack of breakfast-food variety. These will definitely become a staple! Healthy Peanut Butter Bars for a treat anytime! Start mixing with a rubber spatula, then use a hand whisk to mix thoroughly until completely smooth and no almond flour lumps remain. Finally, once the breakfast bars have cooled in the pan overnight, cut them into squares and enjoy! So I gave it a little facelift and added a video, to be sure that it gets all the love it deserves! These were delicious made them with less brown sugar and they turned out perfect, just stuck them in the freezer on super cool to let them sit and that turned out great, maybe had to leave them in there for less than 15 minutes in the freezer on super freeze setting: they last forever and are very filling. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Next, add all the dry ingredients to the wet mixture and stir to combine. Once they’ve chilled in … At this point the peanut butter layer will have tiny little bubbles in it. Suggestions to substitute the almond meal? Your email address will not be published. Filed Under: Dessert Recipes Last updated on September 22, 2020, The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. . It’s best to use a freshly opened and stirred jar, since the bottom of these jars is often a bit dry, even if you stir well. Deeply dark and flavorful peanut butter bars are keto and low carb. (Only thing I added was a few mini choc chips sprinkled on top) I was skeptical that they’d be soggy or wet from all the banana…;but was pleasantly surprised with their firm moist texture! In a large bowl mash the banana. Microwave in 30-second increments, stirring after each microwave session, until almost fully melted. So I followed it as best I could with what I had. These breakfast bars gave me energy through my career as a high school chemistry teacher. I use almond flour instead. You’ll only need a few simple ingredients to make these tasty peanut butter bars. If stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator these breakfast bars will last for up to one week! These healthy no bake oatmeal peanut butter bars are soft, sweet peanut butter chocolate breakfast bars made only with healthy plant-based ingredients! I adore these keto peanut butter bars! These breakfast bars are best served cold. I typically publish a new recipe once or twice per week. They are gluten, dairy AND refined sugar free, but they are hearty enough to keep you full for hours. This recipe was originally published on January 26, 2016 as the first post on JoyFoodSunshine! You might have to help the kids melt the chocolate – but other than that it’s so easy! Has anyone tried using peanut powder in this recipe? The only aspects of the recipe I changed were that I included 1 full scoop of chocolate protein powder (Pescience Chocolate Frosted Cupcake) and decided to do without the honey because I used a peanut butter that already has some cane sugar in it (Peanut Butter & Co Smooth Operator). Mix well. Here are the basic steps: 1. 2. The texture is one of my favorite parts! Or you can cut them and save them for later! Thanks for the recipe!! I eat one of these peanut butter oatmeal breakfast bars every.single.morning with my favorite green smoothie. <3. No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Energy Bars quickly come together with wholesome ingredients like oats, nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit, peanut butter, and honey! Start mixing these ingredients with a rubber spatula, then use a whisk to mix them thoroughly until completely smooth and no almond flour lumps remain, as shown in the video below. “Don’t you get tired of eating the same thing?” They ask. To store these breakfast bars, simply cut them and put them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Crazy Richard’s 100% Peanuts All Natural Peanut Butter. Oatmeal contains calcium, potassium, and soluble fiber, so it’s good for your heart and health! Recipe Print. But it just so happened I was looking for make ahead breakfasts & ran into this recipe! However, it is important that the top isn’t mushy and that you can spread peanut butter around on it without it becoming a mess! Since I have made this breakfast bar recipe every week for 12 years now, I’m pretty sure I could make them in my sleep! Made it again today, and I am so in love! Truly I do. Dark chocolate chips: As dark as you can go and still enjoy them! YUM! Im always trying to find ways to incorporate flax seed into anything – I bought a huge bag when I was trying to boost my breast milk supply & I loved the health benefits of it, but never thought I could use it for anything else after exhausting many ways of sneaking it into recipes! No, I don’t believe I would. 4. The consistency of your batter can vary based on the type of peanut butter … In a small bowl combine the dry ingredients (oats, almond meal, flaxseed, salt, cinnamon and protein powder if using), set aside. Stir the mixture with a rubber spatula until fully melted. Work gently, so that the chocolate layer stays on top of the peanut butter layer. This is a new staple in our house! It has Sunflowers pumpkin seeds, chia seeds , hemp seeds and flax seeds. Learn how your comment data is processed. And chocolate peanut butter fat bombs are made with just three ingredients!
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