Optional integrated waterers and feeders can be added on at an additional cost, as can storm doors for added weatherproofing. The size of your flock and the amount of space you have will dictate how big a coop you need and which features it should have, from multiple levels to nesting space and more. You’ll love the free pest control and the good feeling knowing that your eggs are more closely connected with nature. Some winterized coops feature foam insulation and storm doors. Back door opens fully for easy clean out (like super easy, I made sure of that). Though they will likely all try to fit into one, it’s appropriate to provide one box for every three to four hens. The coop also has plenty of ventilation including two screened windows and two vents at the upper point of each gable. It will serve you well if you’re a small-scale chicken farmer who loves to see your chickens scratching in a protected environment. During the early days of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, many people turned to backyard chicken coops as a way to raise chickens and get fresh eggs when grocery stores were sold out and stretched thin on supplies. A removable cleaning tray makes for easy maintenance. You don’t need special equipment to move this portable chicken coop. Dimensions 500x500px. The chicken coop Tractor is a smaller chicken coop and run with built-in wheels. The nesting box opens to allow for easy egg collecting, and a slide-out tray makes it simple to clean droppings beneath the two included perches. View IHS Coops | View Tuckers Coops | View Coop Kits Coop has rubber fitted mats to prevent any waste from seeping into the wood. 8 weeks for all coop kits ». ... You can buy the kit from Tractor Supply … Two 12 x 12 nesting boxes. Homemade chicken tractor/coop with run. This way, some chickens can easily hang out upstairs, while others peck away on the lower floor. This coop is not large enough for 8 chickens, at least not standard size, which in the tractor supply description , it says it can hold 8 standard size fowl. A chicken coop can be heated by using either heat lamps, flat-panel wall heaters, and/or infrared heaters hung overhead. The coop’s raised design keeps unwanted visitors at bay, while a solid wood ramp provides easy access from the chicken run into the coop. Chickens can provide pest control and a source of natural compost. Bantams only need about 4 square feet since they are quite a bit smaller and can fly, allowing them to hang out on higher perches. The actual chicken coop is surrounded by a 164 ft solar powered electric netting fence. Image Credit: Tractor Supply Co. Post navigation ←Previous Post. Chickens are also a lot more self-sufficient than other pets; all they need is food, water, shelter, and some space to peck and run around. 8 weeks for all coop kits » We have seen the biggest chicken coop rush in our company's history. We have seen the biggest chicken coop rush in our company's history. Cumberland Cottage Chicken Coop, DUS200120 at Tractor Supply Co. Some more elaborate winterized coop options even feature foam insulation or storm doors. When temperatures drop, the coop door should be closed overnight. You’ll also want to pick a spot with grass for them to peck at and a patch of dust they can bathe in. Beyond functionality, there are plenty of attractive options that will also look appealing on your property. We are now taking orders for winter deliveries. If you find gaps, make sure to fill them with caulk. You must pick up, it will fit on a regular … BobVila.com and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Check out our chicken coop interiors to see the attractive design and time saving features that we build into each coop. Fancier coops might have vents located in the same place. Powder coated all steel frame; Reinforced thick wood panels; Predator … Adorable little chicken coop. ft. SKU: 502770699. We’re getting more chickens so we needed to buy a bigger coop. It will also save you some discomfort if you choose a coop that features nest boxes that slide out for cleaning. You can put putty in the screw holes and touch up the paint, if desired. The wood comes unstained so you can paint or stain it according to your preference. I.e. Will hold 6-8 chickens. You agree that BobVila.com may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. It’s as simple as taking the coop by the handles (just like a wheelbarrow) and moving it to a new location. To keep your chickens happy and safe, you’ll also want to factor in ventilation, insulation, and security. Read on to learn about what to take into account before making a purchase along with some great options to consider. The OverEZ has one chicken door with a wood ramp and a tall entryway where owners can get easy access for cleaning. Place your coop in partial sunlight so that your chickens can choose to bask in the sun or rest in the shade. Manufacturer of beautiful backyard chicken coops. The chicken run is extendable if you need more space, and an automated door is available as an add-on option. You can get your holiday fun on with the Gingerbread Chicken Coop Cookie Kit by picking one up at Tractor Supply Co., a retail chain for farm supplies. The coop can accommodate three chickens that can access the house by a sliding door with a ramp. It can house up to six hens and features plenty of roost space and nesting boxes, both of which can be accessed from the inside or out. Notice the automatic Open on the bottom so the chickens can scratch around in the dirt, but stable when you set it down. 4×4 would be a very doable size for the tiny yard we have. And let us know if we can help you with anything. TRACTOR SUPPLY CHICKEN COOPS Description. This is a convenient alternative to building a chicken coop from scratch. You can get your holiday fun on with the Gingerbread Chicken Coop Cookie Kit by picking one up at Tractor Supply Co., a retail chain for farm supplies. The best chicken coops also provide birds with a comfortable place to nest and lay their eggs as well as shelter from inclement weather conditions. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Filesize 303.03KB. If not, go ahead and request a free quote. Chicken Tractor - Chicken Coop - 4'x8' - perfect for about 4 chickens. A nesting space will provide hens with a safe, private, and quiet place to lay their eggs. If you’re not finding what you need, check out our options page to customize your coop. Extra access doors on both sides of the coop and a roof opening allow for easy interior cleaning, while a removable metal slide-out tray makes removing droppings a cinch. The Producer's Pride Defender Chicken Coop features a solid wood construction and steel powder-coated frame. Only used 2 months! If you aren’t able to let your chickens roam during the day, consider getting a coop with room for a chicken run, which usually requires 8 to 10 square feet of space per standard bird. Thank you for your patience! Smaller chickens, like bantams, will require less room too, usually about 2 square feet for coop space. The best chicken coops are made with solid materials and include features such as ample space, insulation, and ventilation that keep your birds safe and healthy. The coop’s downsides are that the top cannot be opened and if you want a roost and run for the birds, you’ll have to add them yourself. Very good condition. Adjustable rear ventilation keeps dangerous fumes from building up while a wire-mesh fence and metal locks work to keep predators out. This chicken coop tractor has a floor area of about 5 square meters, and about 3.6m of roosts – in other words 6-8 chickens can live there full time, and up to 16 chickens can sleep in there if the tractor is used for overnight accommodation only. A standard nesting box is a 12-inch cube and can be built from wood, but metal and plastic varieties are more widely available. You may also consider locking all entrances of your coop or investing in automated doors that open and lock at preprogrammed times of the day. Tractor Supply Co. Producer’s Pride Coop MDC001, Tractor Supply Co. OverEZ Chicken Coop 46OEZCKCP, Roost & Root Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop, Tractor Supply Co. Petmate Chicken Coop 70401D, Archie & Oscar Auggie Chicken Coop with Chicken Run, 8 Pest-Control Myths You Shouldn’t Believe, 10 Five-Star Bed Frames That Fit Any Budget, These Questionable Home Trends Used to Represent Wealth and Luxury, The 10 Best Bird Feeders for Your Wintertime Yard. Built for easy maintenance, this cottage-inspired chicken coop features a pull-out tray and walk-in door. When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to make sure your chickens aren’t getting a chill. Beyond the eggs, though, owners tend to find stress relief from the interaction and ritualistic behavior that comes with caring for a flock. Only available in Duratemp siding with white trim. SKU: 154655199. Hens will peck away at unwanted pests, produce natural compost, consume food waste, and also provide a source of companionship and stress relief. Happy and healthy birds equal more and better-quality eggs. MIME type Image/png. The main area of this coop can accommodate three or four chickens. ... Deck out your coop with fall décor you can find at Tractor Supply! The following chicken coops are well made, look good, and offer the features that are sure to keep you and your hens happy. Airflow moves from gaps in the bottom slabs for ventilation. Chicken runs, which are usually attached to the coop, allow hens a contained outdoor space where they can enjoy the sun, dust bathe, or forage in grass or dirt. We ship anywhere in the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii), ©2020 The Hen House Collection by Bird-in-Hand Pet Structures | Privacy Policy, TechShield Roofing Sheathing (keeps your coop cooler in warm weather).
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